Yesterday, Ron Karr (President of a sales consulting firm that has trained and advised sales professionals for over 22 years on 3 Continents) called us excited as he has CEOs, Vice Presidents, National and Regional Sales Directors, Account Managers — and even the Director of Sales Development and Training for Wyndham in his group. We explained to Ron that he’s been connected to these people for a long time.

The problem is – these connections were just sitting there like a bump on a log. He didn’t have a lead generation and nourishing strategy. He didn’t have a communication strategy.What good is having key connections if you are not going to move the relationship forward.

Now, we have created his own group, developed systems and a communication strategy that regularly places his content in front of key decision makers in the sales industry. And, he’s providing his audience with a sneak preview of what he offers in his book, “Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way“, through his coaching or in one of his boot camps, which he is planning to have one very shortly.

Now, we’ll be able to create excitement as we promote through LinkedIn his free webinars that will provide value to sales professionals and at the end make a pitch for his boot camp. In future “results” blog postings.