Because recent studies show that only 1 in 5 sales and marketing professionals can clearly prove a social media ROI (even though social media reach without engagement that leads to revenue means nothing), I started a series called LinkedIn Revenue Stories.

On today’s podcast, Sandy Adam, the social media marketing marketing manager for Ansys (the global leader in engineering simulation software that helps companies solve their most complex design challenges) will show how the company is getting better than average lead conversion rates, driving blog and website traffic and using their 32,000 member LinkedIn group to drive revenues. 

Kristina Jaramillo, Partner and Chief LinkedIn Strategist, also shares how the Get Help with Linked Strategies Group is leading to new clients, opportunities to create a LinkedIn Leads to Revenue course with the Digital Marketing Institute and relationships with firms that may lead to collaboration projects with companies like IBM. She also shows how a LinkedIn community for a UK SaaS company is leading to partnership opportunities with companies like ServiceNow.

Listen to the podcast below and then check out the additional resources underneath the podcast:

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