The CEO of Direct Media Power (the largest “Pay-Per-Call Radio Advertising Lead Generation Agency” that has generated over 3 Million Pay-Per-Call “Live” Inbound Radio Calls in the last 7 years) had a LinkedIn profile that was bare bones – and he literally had no presence on LinkedIn.

Dean Tucci’s LinkedIn old profile headline read: CEO of Direct Media Power. If you never heard of Direct Media Power – does that make you want to open up Dean’s profile and actually read it? Now, if you did click on his profile – all you saw was his resume. There was no profile summary which shares his story, how he helps his clients and why his targeted audiences should connect with him. The profile was not result oriented or case study driven. And, there was no copy whatsoever to differentiate Direct Media Power from other pay-per-call radio advertising lead generation companies.

Watch the LinkedIn profile makeover video to see how the CEO now he instantly gets and keeps your attention: