In his book, Social Marketology, Ric Dragon explains that marketing in social media is fundamentally different from conventionalRic Dragon marketing. The depth in which connections can be made with your targeted audiences is far greater than any other medium. The very nature of influence at this level means that value and vision must be in tune. You cannot just import your digital strategies into social environments by broadcasting commercial announcements – and this is happening too often in B2B organizations. They are not engaging in conversations. They are not providing real value. They’re not changing perceptions. They’re not joining the right communities and they’re not building their own community.

During this B2B marketing radio show interview, Ric Dragon and Kristina Jaramillo will show you how to improve your social media processes!

When You Listen to Podcast Pay Attention to:

  • How marketing in social media is fundamentally different from conventional marketing and why
  • Why social media marketers need to embrace all the different social sciences (sociology, psychology, neuroscience, statistical analysis etc.) along with the impact these sciences have on social media marketing and why
  • How to leverage and pivot your desired outcomes with your LinkedIn marketing efforts
  • How to find and identify micro-segments so you can identify with and connect with the right audiences that will make a difference on your bottom line
  • How to identify and target the big whales (AKA influencers) – and the actions you need to take to build relationships with them through LinkedIn and other social media channels
  • How to put the ball in motion to create your social, mobile and digital marketing plan

Listen to This Radio Interview with Ric Dragon Now: