Mike Weir, LinkedIn’s IT industry expert who helps software and tech companies build world-class LinkedIn marketing campaigns and long term relationships with their clients and prospects joins Get LinkedIn Help Partner Eric Gruber to discuss how the IT buying committee has evolved and how they want sales, marketing and business development professionals to work harder to gain their trust and business. He explains how most vendors are failing to “earn” leads on LinkedIn and discusses new research that shows that IT buyers are calling for a change in how you market to them. Lastly, he discusses the idea of “soft gating” as buyers want more upfront value.

Although Mike Weir is LinkedIn’s tech industry expert and the information we share pertains to the IT industry – this information is relevant to other industries as well. Listen to the podcast below – and then sign up for our upcoming webinar with Mike Weir on “How to Gain the Trust of IT Buyers and Earn Leads That Turn to Revenue.

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