7 Reasons Why You Should Trust
The Advice LinkedIn® Marketing Expert
Kristina Jaramillo Offers

Reason #1: I am the creator of the first and only LinkedIn® marketing templates available online or offline.

My templates literally walk you through the steps you must take to get more publicity prospects and profits with LinkedIn®. Click here to learn more about my LinkedIn® templates.

Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates

Reason #2: The online and offline media views me as a LinkedIn® marketing expert. 

In fact, the New York Times calls me a social media expert who specializes in LinkedIn®. My articles are featured in top websites and magazines including:

Media sites where our LinkedIn Marketing Clients Are Featured

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Reason #3: I built my entire 6-figure income information marketing, coaching, LinkedIn® training and LinkedIn® marketing service business solely using LinkedIn® marketing and content marketing.

Now, I have a strong network of prospects coming to me every day for coaching, services, training and my products. I have a rolodex of referral sources and JV partners who I have nourished relationships with through LinkedIn®.  Check out my featured LinkedIn® marketing referral sources here.

And, I have increased my NET INCOME and NET WORTH because of LinkedIn®. I practice exactly what I teach, coach and consult.

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Reason #4: I spend countless hours on LinkedIn®…

  • Researching and testing to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Studying how the top corporations and internet marketers are successfully using LinkedIn®
  • Engaging in conversations that get both my clients and myself more publicity, more prospects and more clients

In fact, I like to think that I spend more time on LinkedIn® than the employees that work for LinkedIn®!

Reason #5: I freely offer you tips, tools, articles, videos, special reports and courses that prove I am a thought leader when it comes to LinkedIn® marketing.

I invite you to check out my LinkedIn® marketing secrets blogand read my information packed articles. Join my LinkedIn® discussion group. Look at the value I bring to your business at no cost. Imagine how I can help your company with my LinkedIn® marketing services.

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Reason #6:  I work with some of the top internet marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches consultants, organizations and companies to help them gain even more brand awareness, more publicity and more profitable, meaningful relationships.

I also work with a number of PR firms, Internet marketing companies and marketing agencies to help their clients with LinkedIn® marketing and LinkedIn® publicity.

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If you are part of a PR, website design, marketing communications and/or internet marketing firm, and want to connect to see how we can work together:

  1. Check out our Become A Partner Page
  2. Email me at: Kristina@getLinkedInhelp.com
  3. Call me at 609-306-6205
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Reason #7 (The MOST IMPORTANT reason!): I get RESULTS!!!

For example, using my services Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber…

  • Increase his website traffic by 33.8% and boost his Alexa traffic ranking to near 150,000 out of 10+ million websites it tracks.
  • Created JV relationships with key influential experts in various organizations – including one of the top VA Training Academies where he joined forces to create an article marketing certification program for virtual assistants.
  • Built a network of referral sources – so he has people chasing him down to buy his services and products.
  • Expand his network of prospects.
  • Met some of the most entrepreneurial people in THE WORLD who are connected to the network..
  • Developed a community of followers and supporters filled with ideal targeted prospects who look to Eric for information when it comes to article writing, article marketing and article submission.

Here are some more results:

Client: Kubica LaForest Consulting

LinkedIn Marketing Client Kubica LaForest Consulting

Sara LaForest and Tony Kubica are now booked solid with networking calls with CEOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents at global technology and healthcare companies including Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Client: The Global Institute Of Visionary Executives (Carrie Jacobs)

LinkedIn Marketing Client The Global Institute Of Visionary Executives

Now ranks #2 for executive coach out of 116,336 results.

LinkedIn Marketing Search Results

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If you have questions, please call me at 609-306-6205, or email me at Kristina@getLinkedInhelp.com to setup a free Q & A call with me personally or
one of my LinkedIn® marketing expert team members.