Because recent studies show that only 1 in 5 sales and marketing leaders are able to clearly prove a social media ROI, Partner Kristina Jaramillo has started a new podcast series called: LinkedIn Revenue stories. And, since the first step to getting closer to revenue is to ensure that your prospects see your value – Kristina is starting this series talking about your LinkedIn profile – the place where prospects are supposed to see your story, your value and your thought leadership.

Within the podcast below, you’ll see how turning the LinkedIn profile into a sales and marketing tool helped:

  • Single Point of Contact (a California-based managed service provider) attract a large real estate management firm that ignored all other communications
  • The Law Collections Group attract a new client with 3 new accounts
  • Wizard Media (a SEO and Facebook marketing company) attract a new client worth $36,000 per year

Listen to the podcast – and then review the case studies and success stories underneath the podcast.

Now, check out the case studies and success stories:

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