November 2016 – INDIANOPOLIS – Kristina Jaramillo (Managing Partner and Chief LinkedIn Strategist) were among speakers and presenters like Bob Sherlock (author of “Daring Caution: The Executive’s Guide to Pricing Improvement),Jason Plavic (Digital Marketing Strategist at Advance Ohio), and Richard Farrell (author of the book “Selling Has Nothing To Do with Selling”) at the PMA Manufacturing Sales Summit in Indianopolis.

During her presentation, Kristina shared how to socially sell your way to more closed deals on LinkedIn which includes:

  • Communicating your business value to prospects on your profile so they’ll want to build a relationship with you
  • Targeting unconsidered needs to create an unexpected urgency
  • Truly focusing on building and leveraging real relationships rather than playing a numbers game and going for volume.

Because of the information shared during this presentation, Dan Erb from Jones Metal recently became a LinkedIn profile makeover and strategy client.

Click here to see the Slideshare presentation that was used during Kristina’s speech.