According to a LinkedIn report, on average social selling professionals that are prospecting the right way on LinkedIn are enjoying 45% more opportunities. The problem is – most sales and marketing leaders are not prospecting the right way. They are taking a scattershot approach and are simply playing a numbers game. I know this because when we start working with a new client we find that about 90% of their current LinkedIn connections are not key decision makers or influencers.  They were taking the approach that if they connect with enough people and push out their sales and marketing messages to enough people, then hopefully enough will stick and enough people will want to talk.

Example of How Sales, Marketing and Business Leaders Are Taking a Scattershot Prospecting Approach on LinkedIn

I recently spoke with the President of a logistics company and he told me that he was getting a ton of new connections and 7-10 calls a week. But his connections were wasted. His calls were wasted. His time was ultimately wasted. He wasted at least 7 hours of his time each week – time that could have been spent elsewhere

It was wasted because 90% of the calls and connections were with prospects who were not in the right stage of the buying process at this time – or they were with people who were not even a decision maker or influencer.  The people who said “yes” to a call was just looking for free information, to network – and maybe refer the company. He was connecting and speaking with people who were just looking for free advice or insights on how they could perform their job better. These people were practitioners and they didn’t have the power to make any buying decision – and didn’t even have the power to influence a decision. These people mentioned that they would pass on his information to their supervisor or the correct contact person. Even if they followed through and actually passed on the information, I’m sure it fell on deaf ears.

This President focused on reach. He focused on how he was expanding his network. He focused on the volume of leads and calls instead of the quality. He took a scattershot approach.

Now, let me show you how some sales and marketing leaders are taking a more intelligent, targeted account management approach to prospecting on LinkedIn.

How a Tech Company is Taking an Intelligent Targeted Account Based Marketing Approach & Getting More of the Right Connections

For one of our clients, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, we’re using a sales intelligence platform that provides us with data and insights into the companies that our client should be connecting with. The platform tells us what companies will be taking on a major IT project within the next 6 to 12 months and more importantly the specific type of project they will be performing.

This allows us to reach out to specific IT leaders who would be responsible for these specific projects – and show our client’s relevance to their specific needs. We are now able to target these IT leaders with content that is specific to the challenges and issues that they will be facing when tackling this new IT project. From there we provide case studies, webinars and other content that is all related to the prospect’s specific IT project – and move them forward to having a sales conversation and demo.

Notice the key word here – “specific”.

  • “Specific” companies
  • “Specific” IT leaders
  • “Specific” projects
  • “Specific” needs
  • “Specific” issues and challenges
  • “Specific” content

This is what I mean about taking an “intelligent” targeted account management approach to prospecting on LinkedIn. Because we’re taking this approach, our client is making the right connections with the right people at the right time – providing them with the right content and having more “sales conversations” that move prospects further down the funnel.

Watch this webinar to see other ways we’re putting the right processes, content and tools together for LinkedIn success.

How a Messaging and Positioning Firm Uses a Targeted Account Based Marketing Approach to Make the Right Connections and Gain New Clients

For Messages That Matter, a firm that specializes in positioning and messaging for technology and software companies, we’re not able to make a connection based on a specific need.   His targeted audiences did not know that there was a need. We have to connect based on “very specific” issues to create the need.

For example, the firm’s President recently wrote an article that discussed how IBM was positioning their TM1 solution wrong and why. We then target IBM TM1 resellers, specifically the ones that were using IBM’s original positioning within their website and marketing materials. We showed them how this positioning could be affecting their sales and why it was not making the business value connection with their buyers. We challenged their current approach and demonstrated why they need to change their approach for better results and sales.

Using a targeted account management approach that focused on “specific” companies that had “specific” issues with their positioning and messaging – and challenging their approach, Messages That Matter was able to gain Cubewise, an Australian IBM TM1 reseller as a client.

This is just one example of how we’ve taken a targeted account management prospecting approach on LinkedIn for this client.

Now, look at your prospecting efforts on LinkedIn.

Are you taking a scattershot approach? Or are you taking a targeted account management approach that has you focusing on specific audiences with specific needs, issues or challenges – and providing them with specific content that is relevant to them?

If you are taking a targeted account management approach – then you are on the right path to earning more leads using LinkedIn. To see what other actions you need to take to “earn” leads and convert them into revenue, sign up for this webinar with LinkedIn’s tech industry expert.

If you’re prospecting efforts are scattershot, then I’m sure your entire LinkedIn marketing program is also scattershot, and bringing you very limited results. Schedule a free LinkedIn strategy session to help you become more on-target –